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31 Agustus 2022
Bahasa Inggris

What is a procedure text? What is the purpose of writing this text?
Can you explain me how to make the scaffold of procedure text ?

A procedure is a piece of text that tells how to do something. 

Its purpose is to provide instructions for making something, doing something or getting somewhere.


Here is the procedure scaffold:

1. An introductory statement giving the aim or goal;  This may be the title of the text or an introductory paragaraph.

2. Materials/ Ingredients needed for completing the procedure; This may be  a list, or a paragraph,  and this may be left out in some procedures

3. A sequence of steps in the correct order.; Ex: Numbers can be used to show: FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, and so on; The order is usually important; Word such as NOW, NEXT, and aAFTER THIS can be used.; And the steps usually begin with a command such as ADD, STIR, PUSH, And so on.


ENDANG TRININGSIH 31 Agustus 2022 1:22

15 Agustus 2022
Bahasa Inggris

Kakak, apa sih perbedaan can dan could? Terimakasih

Perbedaan 'can' dan 'could' adalah sbb;

1. 'Can' dan 'could' memiliki arti yang sama, namun  'can' bisa kita gunakan untuk situasi informal, misalnya: " Can I borrow your book?"; "Can you bring a magazine for me?", Etc.

   Sedangkan "could" kita gunakan untuk situasi yang lebih formal atau lebih santun, misalnya : "Could you help me?"; Could I go to the rest room?"

2.  Can dan could  yang  bertujuan untuk 'showing ability' memiliki perbedaan sbb:
'Can' biasa digunakan untuk menyampaikan kemampuan yang dimiliki di masa kini,; Contohnya:  a) My brother can operate a computer well."     b)  My father can speak English fluently

namun 'Could' digunakan untuk menyatakan kemampuan yang dimiliki di masa lalu; Contohnya : a) I could solve this Math problem easily when I was still young.   b) I could really  fast when I was a kid. 

ENDANG TRININGSIH 29 Agustus 2022 3:11

8 Oktober 2021
Valentina Cahaya
Bahasa Inggris

Read the following text. Text 1 One morning a poor fisherman rowed his sampan in the river. After a while, he thought that he got a huge fish. The fishermaan very tired was pulling the fishing rod. It was almost dark. Finally, he lifted it. However, he only found Some wires on the hook. He was very disappointed. But then, he was happy. The wires were made of gold. He pulled more and more wires. The wires covered all area in his sampan. Suddenly, there was a voice, "Enough." The fisherman ignored the voice, "Enough! Don't take anymore." The fisherman didn't want to stop. Slowly, the sampan sunk. The fisherman did not realize it because he was busy pulling the wires. When he realized it, it was too late. The sampan was completely sunk. Finaly, the fisherman swam to the river side. He regretted the greediness that he had done. Text 2 A long time ago, dogs had horns yet deer did not. One day a couple of yet deer went to a river to drink. Suddenly. the wife saw an animal coming. It was a dog. The wife thought that if her husband had the horns he Would look more attractive. The husband planned some tricks to take the dog's horns. He asked the dog to have a running match and he agreed. The male deer won. Then, he said to the dog, "You cannot win the match because of your horns on your head. What if you let me wear the horns? "OK, but please wear the horns carefully," said the dog. He immediately put the horns on his head. Then, they started the running match again. The deer ran and did not stop. He took the dog's horns away. Since then dogs have no horns anymore. 13. What conflicts can you find in the texts? A. Text 1: The fisherman's sampan sunk. Text 2: The dog's horns were taken by the female deer. B. Text 1: The fisherman was disappointed with the wires he found. The male deer wanted to be more attractive. C. Text 1: The fisherman wanted to be more attractive horns. Text 2: The male deer wanted to have the dog's D. Text 1: The fisherman's sampan sunk. Text 2: The dog won the running match. Note: Menurut saya jawabannya antara B atau C. Tolong diberikaan clue dan cara menjawab soal tipe ini.

Thanks for your questions. 


In my opinion, if the question is if main conflictts of the stories then the answer is 

Text 1.  The fisherman wanted to be more attractive horns

 Text 2: The dog's horns were taken by the female deer

But if the question is the main problem then the answer is :

Text 1. The fisherman did not listen to the warning voice.

Text 2. The deer ran and did not stop.  

SUSANA ENDANG CAHYANI, S.Pd. M.Pd. 11 Februari 2022 0:0

8 Oktober 2021
Valentina Cahaya
Bahasa Inggris

Read the following text. A Song for Mama By Boyz l Men You taught me everything Everything you've given me I'l always keep it inside You're the driving force in my life, yeah There isn't anything Or anyone that I could be And it just wouldn't feel right IfI didn't have you by my side You were there for me to love and care for me When skies were grey Whenever I was down You were always there to comfort me And no one else can be What you have been to me you will always be You will always be the girl In my life for all times Mama, Mama you know I love you (You knowI love you) Mama, Mama you're the queen of my heart Your love is like tears from the stars, yes it is Mama I just want you to know lovin' you is like food to my soul Yes it is, yes it is, oh, yes it is, yes it is, yes it is oh You're always there for me... 21. "Youre the driving force in my life, yeah" Which statements are in line with the meaning of the lyric? I. The writer's mother guides the writer's life. II. The writer empowers his mother's life III. The writer's mother empowers the writer's life. IV.The writer gets inspiration from his mother. A. I and B. Iand Ill C. I, Il and lI D. I, Ill and IV

Thanks for your questions Cahaya.

I think the answer is D because

I. Mother motivates the writer and guide her way.

III. Mother supports the writer with power to keep up in life.

IV. Mother accompanys and inspires  the writer on his way. 

SUSANA ENDANG CAHYANI, S.Pd. M.Pd. 2 Februari 2022 0:0

14 September 2021
Bahasa Inggris

Good afternoon tell me about the present perfect tense

Good afternoon Regina...

Hope to meet you in healthy and good condition.

Thank you for your question. Let me tell you the Present Perfect Tense. 

We will discuss about the Present Perfect Tense with this situation. For example, you meet the Tugu Jogja now. Maybe you see many differences  of the TUGU jOGJA. 



There have been some cafes around the Tugu Jogja. 

Some electrical sockets  have been available along the sidewalks. 


Note: Semua perubahan tersebut telah terjadi dikarenakan beberapa proses renovasi pada waktu lampau. Jadi present perfect tense mengkaitkan keadaan sekarang dengan masa lampau. Menunjukkan sesuatu telah memenuhi/selesai dilakukan sampai sekarang. 

Pola :

Subject + have/has + V 3 + Object








SUSANA ENDANG CAHYANI, S.Pd. M.Pd. 14 September 2021 0:0

14 September 2021
Bahasa Inggris

Apa bedanya can, may, should dalam bahasa Inggris?


Terimakasih atas partisipasi Naufal. Pertanyaan yang bagus.

Modal 'CAN" digunakan untuk mengungkapkan "ABILITY' (kemampuan setelah melalui latihan dan skill tertentu)


My sister can bake a delicious cake.

Yeyen can bike even faster than her brother.

Ada juga kalimat yang mengungkapkan POSSIBILITY dengan modal 'CAN" (kondisi dimana kemungkinan/kondisi/situasi memungkinkan untuk melakukan sesuatu). 

Can we leave now?

You can mail the message now.  

Modal  'MAY' digunakan untuk menyatakan 'PERMISSION" 


May I go now?

They may stop doing the test after the bell rings.

Modal ' SHOULD' digunakan untuk menyatakan kegiatan yang seharusnya dilakukan berupa 'suggestion/advice'


Hilma, You look pale. you should go to the doctor now.

I think Susy should consult to her professor.


Okay Naufal I hope it is helpful. 


SUSANA ENDANG CAHYANI, S.Pd. M.Pd. 14 September 2021 0:0

5 Oktober 2020
tazkiaa andona h
Bahasa Inggris

tips /cara mudah menghafalkan/membedakan antara v2, v3 dan cara penggunaan nya. trimakasih.

Selamat siang  Tazkiaa

Thanks for your questions. Pertanyaan yang bagus.  Memang menghafal/ membedakan V2 dan V3 bisa dilakukan dengan strategi tertentu.

Pertama, karena tidak semua kata kerja merupakan  irregular verbs, maka setelah mengenal apa saja kata kerja irregularverbs maka kata kerja lain selain yang irregular verbs adalah regular verbs dimana V2 dan V3mendapat imbuhan-ed.

Kedua, beberapa kata kerja mempunyai typical perubahan yang serupa misalnya:

 -     buy      bought     boutgh

     fight     fought      fought

     berlaku untuk kata kerja bring, think, etc

 -     sing      sang       sung

       berlaku untuk verbs ring, run , drink, etc

-     sleep     slept       slept

       berlaku untuk verb seperti : keep, sweep, etc

-     forget   - forgot     forgotten

      rise         rose       risen

     berlaku untuk verbs seperti steal, rise, speak, etc

-     grow   - grew      grown

      berlaku untuk kata kerja seperti: draw, know, etc

-   put     put     put

     berlaku untuk verb lain seperti : cut, shut, read.


Untuk maknanya anda bisa melihat di internet, ketik kata sandinya 'irregular verbs in English"  Silahkan memerhatikan pengelompokannya sesuai ciri perubahan yang serupa untuk mempermudah menghafal. Selamat mempelajarinya. 






SUSANA ENDANG CAHYANI, S.Pd. M.Pd. 12 Oktober 2020 0:0

5 Oktober 2020
Hasna Andhia Ekaputri
Bahasa Inggris

"Apa yang dimaksud dengan Phrasal verbs dan Homonyms?" terimakasih,tolong penjelasannya 🙏🏻

Halo Hasna, such a good questiion!

Phrasal Verbs adalah kata kerja yang disertai kata lain yang bila digabungkan maknanya jadi khusus. 


wake up  = bangun

pick up = menjemput 

bring about = mengakibatkan

dress up  =  memakai baju

dan seterusnya. 


Homonym adalah kata bahasa Inggris yang ucapannya sama, spellingnya berbeda, tetapi   tetapi maknanya berbeda.


'hole'  (lubang)  dan 'whole' (keseluruhan)

'dying'  (mematikan)    dan   'dyieng' (mencelup/mewarnai)

'need' (memerlukan)      dan  'knead'  (meremas adonan kue/menguleni)



SUSANA ENDANG CAHYANI, S.Pd. M.Pd. 5 Oktober 2020 0:0

21 September 2020
Bahasa Inggris

Kalau ditanya What is the purpose of writing the text? apa jawabannya? 1. Separate clothes. If a shirt is light, but has darker designs on it, you should probably just keep it with the lights. The same goes for dark clothes with light designs. 2. Check the tags. Most clothes are OK to machine wash, but if you are unsure, check the tag to see if it says "hand wash only" or "dry clean only" and set these clothes aside. 3. Set the water temperature. If you are washing cotton or very dirty clothes, you might want to use hot or warm water. If you are washing things like silk, then you should keep the water temperature warm to cool. 4. Set the time. You should set the time for about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on how dirty the clothes you are washing are. 5. Add the clothes. This is pretty simple–just dump your clothes in, but be careful not to add in any of those other clothes you separated earlier. 6. Pour in detergent. This is important, if you do this step wrong, you could ruin your clothes. You need to know if your washing machine uses high efficiency detergent - which is liquid - or normal detergent, which is a powder. Use the right kind of detergent and pour it into the right spot. 7. Turn on your washer. Ah, sweet success, now all you have to do is hit that “ON” button and you're ready to go.

Adik Rwegina yang pintar,

Sebenarnya, pertanyaan ini sudah dijawab ketika zoom meeting beberapa hari lalu. Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan simak penjelasan berikut.

Seperti yang sudah adik pelajari, teks procedure itu ada beberapa jenis;

1. Procedure text yang menjelaskan bagaimana sesuatu bekerja atau bagaimana menggunakan instruksi/operasi manual , misalnya , how to use computer, how to record video. how to use polaroid camera.

2. Procedure text yang menginstruksikan bagaimana melakukan aktivitas tertentu, misalnya, how to make a noodle, how to dance, how to play basketball.

3. Procedure text yang berhubungan dengan perilaku manusia, misalnya, how to succeed, how to live happily, how to be a good person.

nah, menjawab pertanyaan seperti itu tentulah menanyakan fungsi atau tujuan teks tersebut. Jika dibaca sengan seksama teks tersebut memberikan penjelasan kepada pembacanya, cara mengoperasikan atau menjalankan mesin cuci. Jadi jawabanya merujuk pada tujuan penulisan teks tersebut. The text is written to explain to the reader how to operate a washing machine. 

WIDIG CAHYONO 23 September 2020 0:0

16 September 2020
Shafy Salman Ibrahim
Bahasa Inggris

Apa perbedaan bahasa inggris versi inggris versi U.K dan bahasa inggris versi Amerika

Halo Shafy Hope you're in healthy condition.

Benar katamu dalam beberapa hal ada yang berbeda antara bhs Inggris versi UK dan Amerika. Namun kamu tidak perlu risau terhadap perbedaan tersebut karena tidak banyak yang perlu dibedakan. Berawal dari kedatangan bangsa Inggris ke Amerika terjadilah transfer bahasa tersebut. Dalam perkembangannya sedikit perbedaan muncul yaitu pada:

1. Kosakata


(British) cookie     vs      (America) biscuit

flat appartment 

university college 

football soccer


Namun maknanya sebenarnya masih sama. 

2. Spelling


(British)  colour vs (America) color

metre  meter

centre center


 3. Grammar

(British)  I've been to Bali vs (America) I went to Bali

(memakai konteks present time) (menekankan past time)

I've got 3 children I have 3 children 

 4. Pronunciation

Orang America akan mengucapkan huruf 'r' dengan lebih jelas daripada British. Pengucapan 'was' menggunakan vokal  /w∂s/  (British) dan /was/ dengan vokal seperti pada kata 'tong' (America). Mohon maaf simbol phonetiknya belum tersedia di perangkat saya. 

Demikian Shafy semoga tetap semangat mempelajarinya. Untuk kita yang di Indonesia kedua model boleh dipelajari. 

Selamat belajar.  


SUSANA ENDANG CAHYANI, S.Pd. M.Pd. 18 September 2020 0:0


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