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tolong minta contoh procedure text yang lebih lengkap donk

How to Make a Cheese OmeletIngredients1 egg, 50 g cheese, ¼ cup milk, 3 tablespoons cooking oil, a pinch of salt and pepper UtensilsFrying pan, fork, spatula, cheese grater, bowl, plate Method1.        Crack an egg into a bowl2.        Whisk the egg with a fork until it is smooth3.        Add milk and whisk well4.        Grate the cheese into the bowl and stir5.        Heat the oil in a frying pan6.        Pour the mixture into the frying pan7.        Turn the omelet with a spatula when it browns8.        Cook both sides9.        Place on a plate; season with salt and pepper10.    Eat while warm.

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09-11-2008 indra
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tlg kxi cth teks pidato dnQ. blz na cpedh iia. darurat nh. tQ.

Example of speech

Topic: The advantages of Reading.

The honorable teachers and the distinguished audiences.

In this very nice occasion, I'd like to deliver my speech about the advantages of reading.

Before going further, first of all I'd like to explain some reasons why people read. Some people read to get current knowledge and some other ones just read for pleasure.
So, do you belong to first or the second one?

Ladies and Gentlemen.
You don't need to be worried whether you belong to the first or the second because both of them will enhance your knowledge.
Do you remember? The wise word said that "Reading is the window of the world"
That's definitely correct because by reading we can access the information as enormous as possible. For instance, we can easily know the latest issues that happen in distance without being there. Besides, you can enrich yourselves related to your interests or needs.

Ladies and Gentlemen.
In spite of having those advantages, reading is not a demanding activity either time or money. You can read every time, while you are waiting for the bus or someone, while you are on public transportation or other spare time.
You can also read from many resources, such as mass media and electronic media. If you don't want to spend much money, you can get it free by visiting public libraries.
And if you want to find the newest information, you can browse through internet.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, those are my point of view about the advantages of reading. Hopefully, it makes you more aware about the importance of reading.
Thank you for your fully attention and see you next time.


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08-11-2008 xxx
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tolong buatin naskah pidato my cty my home .... please and thank you so much

erimakasih atas partisipasinya. Tapi mhn maaf, kami disini tidak untuk membuatkan tugas ataupun pekerjaan rumah, tetapi membantu siswa bila ada materi yang belum paham. Berkaitan dengan permintaan anda, tolong anda buat pidato sebisa anda dulu, lalu kirimkan ke kami. Nanti kami pasti akan bantu untuk menyempurnakannya. Dengan demikian anda juga belajar menulis. Selamat mencoba. thank you

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08-11-2008 Arashi^^
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tolong buatin naskah pidato my cty my home .... please and thank you so much

erimakasih atas partisipasinya. Tapi mhn maaf, kami disini tidak untuk membuatkan tugas ataupun pekerjaan rumah, tetapi membantu siswa bila ada materi yang belum paham. Berkaitan dengan permintaan anda, tolong anda buat pidato sebisa anda dulu, lalu kirimkan ke kami. Nanti kami pasti akan bantu untuk menyempurnakannya. Dengan demikian anda juga belajar menulis. Selamat mencoba. thank you

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tolong dong buatkan pidato menggunakan bahasa inggris tentang lingkungan hidup. Sebelumnya terima kasih

Terimakasih atas partisipasinya,....pertanyaan anda sangat menarik, namun demikian, akan lebih baik jika anda terlebih dahulu mencoba untuk membuat test pidato yang dimaksud, kemudian kami akan membantu melakukan koreksi terhadap hasil kerjaan anda, jadi anda sebelumnya sudah berusaha terlebih dahulu.

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08-11-2008 Felisa
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mbak saya mw tanya tentang report teks. mulai dari pengertian, fungs, dan pookx tentang i2. . . . . cepetan makasih

Jenis Teks: Report (Laporan hasil pengamatan) 

1.  Ciri Umum:

(a) Tujuan Komunikatif Teks:

Menyampaikan informasi tentang sesuatu, apa adanya, sebagai hasil pengamatan sistematis atau analisis. Yang dideskripsikan dapat meliputi gajala alam, lingkungan, benda buatan manusia, atau gejala-gejala sosial. Deskripsi sebuah teks report dapat berupa simpulan umum, misalnya, ikan paus termasuk binatang mamalia karena ikan tersebut melahirkan anaknya. Untuk membuat laporan semacam ini, siswa perlu mengamati dan membandingkan ikan paus dengan binatang lainnya yang memiliki ciri-ciri yang sama.

Siswa dapat mencoba membuat teks laporan tentang, misalnya, rumah sangat sederhana, warung tegal, sekolah, rumah sakit dsb. dengan mendekripsikan ciri-ciri subyek tersebut sehingga disebut rumah sederhana, dsb.

(b)  Struktur Teks:

·         Pernyataan umum yang menerangkan subjek laporan, keterangan, dan klasifikasinya.(General Clasification)

·         Deskripsi (Description:tells what the phenomenon under discussion ; in terms of parts, qualities, habits or behaviors)

(c)  Ciri Kebahasaan:


         general nouns, seperti ‘Reptiles in Comodo Insland’, dsb.

         relating verbs untuk menjelaskan ciri, misalnya reptiles are scaly animals (ciri ini berlaku untuk semua reptilia), dsb.

        action verbs dalam mejelaskan perilaku, misalnya lizards cannot fly, dsb.

         present tense untuk menyatakan suatu yang umum, misalnya Komodo dragons usually weight more than 160 kg, dsb.

       istilah teknis, misalnya water contains oxygen and hydrogen, dsb.

         paragraf dengan topik sentence untuk menyusun sejumlah informasi.

2.  Contoh dan Struktur Teks:




Pernyataan tentang subjek laporan


The white pelican is one of the most successful fish-eating birds.



The success is largely due to its command hunting behaviour. A group, perhaps two dozen birds, will gather in a curved arc some distance offshore. The birds then begin to move forward towards the shore, beating the water furiously with their wings, driving the fish before them.

 When the water is shallow enough for the birds to reach the fish, the formation breaks up as each bird dips its bill into the water to scoop up its meal. As the bird lifts its head, the water drains from its bill leaving the fish which are then swallowed.

 Pelicans are among the oldest group of birds, Fossils of this genus have been found dating back 40 million years.



A library is a place which collects records of what people have thought and done.(Ini adalah General Classification).

It preserves those records, and it ,makes them available to us, so that we can learn about many things. In the world of library, we can entertain ourselves, teach ourselves, and be inspired by the ideas that we might never have dreamed ot otherwise.(Ini adalah 'Description')
            A library has many sections. Commonly, a library has a reading room, a catalogue section, a newspaper and magazine section, books section, and a librarian desk which deals with book circulation. The books are classified based on the subjects, such as fiction, science, psychology, etc. They are arranged on the bookshelves.(Ini adalah 'Description').


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08-11-2008 tha tan
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mbak/mas tolong contohin text report tentang jerapah donk.. sekarang ya,,^^

GiraffeGiraffes are the tallest animals of all. They have long legs and long necks. There are 7 bones in their necks, the same as in ours. Males can grow to nearly five and a half metres tall, and females to nearly five metres tall. There are about 9 different sub - species, or breeds, of giraffe. There are only small differences between them. When giraffes of two differnet sub-species breed, the young are called hybrids (mixed breeds). Of the nine sub-species of giraffe, only one, the Rothchild's, is endangered. Giraffes have horns called ossicones. These are fur-covered bumps on their skulls, unlike the horns of other animals.Giraffe skin is blotched in patterns of browns and yellows. No two have the same pattern. The different sub-species have different coat patterns.Habitat
Giraffes are found in parts of Africa.They live on the savannah, which is the African grassland, or in light woodland. They do not live in thick forests where it is difficult to see predators such as lions approaching.
  Giraffes live in groups called herds, although the members of a herd come and go. They don't stay together all the time. Feeding
Giraffes are browsers, or leaf eaters. Their long necks are so they can reach high into trees to eat the leaves.
They have 45-50 cm long blue-black tongues that wrap around leaves and pick them from the branch. The long tongue helps them get leaves just out of reach.The dark colour of the tongue means it does not get sunburnt when it is out of the mouth.Leaves give giraffes most of the moisture they need so that they do not often have to drink water.Water holes are places where predators wait, and it is awkward for a giraffe to lower its head to drink. It has to spread its front legs wide to be able to get its head down. When its head is low, it is easier for predators to attack. Therefore, a giraffe only drinks about once a day, up to 40 litres each time.Movement
Giraffes' long legs mean they take big steps when they walk or run. One step can be about
5 metres long. They can run very fast, reaching speeds of about nearly 60 km per hour. Because of their long legs and short bodies, giraffes move differently from other four legged animals. They move the two legs on one side of the body forward, then the two legs on the other side. This keeps them from tripping over.
 Because of their long necks, giraffes have big hearts to pump blood all the way up to the brain. A giraffe heart is the biggest of any animal's. There are special valves in the neck arteries so that when the giraffe bends its neck down, the blood doesn't rush to its head. When the head is raised again, the blood doesn't rush back down to the heart. Such rapid changes in blood pressure would make a giraffe faint. Reproduction
Female giraffes give birth to a calf about 15 months after mating with a male. The mother gives birth standing up, so the calf drops to the ground. The calf is about 2 metres tall, and during its first week it grows about a centimetre a day. About an hour after birth, the calf can walk. It suckles milk from its mother, but starts nibbling at other food within days.
 Self defence
Although giraffes are peaceful animals, they will defend themselves from lions, leopards and hyenas which attack the young, and sometimes adult giraffes. Giraffes give powerful kicks with all four legs, and a well placed kick can kill a lion. Sometimes male giraffes fight each other to decide which is stronger. They lean their hindquarters against each other for support and swing their necks, using their horns like hammers to hit each other.
 People think giraffes are unable to make sounds, but they can. It's just that they do not often do it. They can make a moo, bleat or grunt. When alarmed, they snort.Giraffes rarely sleep. In fact, they only go into a deep sleep for about 20 minutes each 24 hours, resting their heads on their hindquarters. The rest of the time, they doze now and then.Threats to giraffe
Adult giraffes have few enemies, but young calves can be killed by leopards and hyenas. The most serious danger comes from humans who hunt giraffe for their skins. It is against the law to hunt giraffe but some people still do it.

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saya erlu dialog yang menggunakan expression certainty, uncertainty dan responnya. makasih buanyak ya

 Tio          :  Are you sure about this                direction?Bram     :  Sorry, I’m not really sure                about it. Tio       :  Don’t be foolish. We have been                 walking so far, you know.Bram     :  I can’t remember any sign.                I think this is the right path. I’m                sorry.Tio       :  Well, we have to continue our                 walk. Don’t worry. It’s all going                to be okay.

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Tolong donk kasih contoh invitation untuk pernikahan!

Dear Mr/Mrs. .... 


Request honour of your presence at our wedding

 Vison Sudarsono



 Wedding Reception

Sunday, November 23rd 2008

at 12.00 pm - 16.00 pm

Novotel Hotel Bandung

Cordially yours,

Mr. Thomson & Mrs. Steffanny.

Mr and Mrs. Sudarsono

Vison & Vati 



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tolong bantu saya buat pidato b.inggris dg tema pendidikan dan narkoba. cpt cz penting bzk dkumpulin tgs ni

Er_er, silakan mencoba untuk menulis teks pidato sendiri. Kami dengan senang hati akan membantu untuk mengoreksi dan menyempurnakan teks anda. Selamat mencoba. Tq

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