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tolong berikan contoh soal pilihan ganda tentang conjunction 50 soal,.?


1. ... all the students were seated, the teacher started the lesson.

a. if     b. when    c. until    d. so that   e. although


2. Dona went to the meeting ... he was ill.

a. because   b. unless   c. although   d. provided that   e. regardless of


 3. ... the price of gold rises sharply, people keep buying it.

a. however   b. even though   c. nevertheless   d. in spite of     e. on the other hands


 4. You'll have to call me early in the morning .... i will have left for work.

a. however    b. otherwise   c. furthermore    d. consequently   e. moreover

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tolong buatkan review text beserta generic structure ,tentang film d tahun 2009/2010/2011 . dan tunjukkan bagian-bagian generic structur. terima kasih pak,bu :)

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

J.K. Rowling
Bloomsbury 1997
ISBN 0747532745
Judging by this first volume, the Harry Potter books are a fine addition to English children’s fantasy literature.(orientation)

Harry Potter, orphaned when his parents are killed by the evil wizard Voldemort, is taken in by his aunt and uncle, who are Muggles — ordinary, non-magical people. Harry is rather out of place there, but things improve greatly for him when he goes to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry — except that one of the staff is in league with Voldemort. (interpretative recount)

Part of the attraction of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone comes from the familiar but at the same time exotic setting of an English public school, complete with houses and schoolboy adventures, in which Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione struggle to save the world and win the house cup. (evaluation)

So Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone will be a great Christmas present for kids who haven’t read it yet — and it is a book that adults (at least those without stunted imaginations) can read as well. (evaluation summation)
A book review by Danny Yee © 2000


Generic structure of Review Textz:

1. Orientation

2. Interpretative recount

3. Evaluation

4. Evaluation summation



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mau tanya nih cara supaya bisa menebak kalimat itu jenis tenses apa itu gmana ya saya sering susah untuk menebaknya

Alfa, untuk mengetahui jenis tense dalam kalimat bisa dilihat dari verb (kata kerjanya).


  1. The Present - What you are currently doing.   

I eat, I am eating                                  

  1. The Past - What you did some time back.  

I ate, I was eating

  1. The Future - What you will do later.  

I will eat, I will be eating               


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tolong buatkan saya discussion text dengan topik using cellphone at school


Balancing High School and Part-Time Work

You have to consider a number of factors when deciding whether or not to get a job. The important thing is to arm yourself with as much information as possible, so you can figure out what choice makes the most sense for you.
If you are considering working part-time, schedule a meeting with your school counselor to discuss this move. Talk to your counsellor about why you want to work and what type of position you’re seeking. Simply explaining your goals to someone else can help you make decisions and figure out your priorities.
Schoolwork, including homework and studying for tests, should always be your top priority. “The activities and courses students choose vary considerably, so it’s important for young people to keep their individual situations clearly in mind,” says Brad MacGowan, director of the Career Centre at Newton North High School in Massachusetts. Further, MacGowan cautions students who do decide to work: “If you are rushing through your assignment or not studying enough for tests because of work, it’s time to cut back or quit and find a less time-consuming job.” He adds, “Students should always let their employers know what their time limits are.” If you are being pressured to work more hours than you can handle, you need to find a new place to work. You also need to make sure that a job won’t prevent you from getting enough rest.


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tolong donk,, berikan contoh dari teks hortatory exposition dan berikan contohnya?? trima kasih sebelumnya :)

ini c0ntohnya

Students’ cheating is one of the biggest problems faced by teachers nowadays.
Despite the fact that teachers advise their students not to do dishonest acts during tests, some students still do cheating. There are many kinds of cheating that students do during the test or examination, such as looking other students’ work, put some notes under their clothes, write notes or formulas on their desks make hand signals or go to rest rooms to get the answers from their friends.
In my view, students who do cheating are committing a crime. It is a sort of taking something illegally. This crime causes negative results to the students. Students who always cheat deteriorate their mental capacity. Cheating acts also create dependence. They weaken their self confidence. Instead of preparing for the coming test, they are busy to organize notes on a piece of paper. If this awful habit continues, the students will lose their opportunity to develop their intellectual and mind.
Therefore, school should consider cheating as a very serious problem. School board and administration should go hand to overcome this matter. Honesty must be put in school’s vision. Harsh punishment must be applied to students who commit this crime.


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pak, bu. saya mau minta tolong, tolong carikan review text beserta generic stucturnya. dan tolong di analize pada setiap generic structurenya. mtur nwun

2002 Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.
Frederico and Sam are two lucky men, Frederico survived an earthquake and has the power to wrench fortune from those around him: he has the gift, Sam is a survivor of the Jewish holocaust and manages a casino in the middle of a lava desert. One day, Frederico challenges Sam who expels him from paradise, taking his gift from him.
Years later, Frederico thinks that he has found in Tomas, the only survivor of an air accident, the instrument of his vengeance. By teaching him to control fortune, he can use him to return to the casino and challenge the God of fortune. Together they begin a journey of initiation, a succession of ever more strange and difficult tests in which the highest bet is the luck of others; luck, which in this game is captured in a simple photograph. Everything goes well until Sara, a policewoman who survives a car accident which kills her family, becomes obsessed with discovering what is behind these clandestine games in which death and luck become enmeshed. In which only one ca remain intact. This film is really worth watching.

Social function: To critique an art work or event for a public audience.
Generic structure:
1. Orientation ( background information on the text)
2. Evaluation ( concluding statement : judgment, opinion, or recommendation. It can consist of more than one.
3. Interpretative Recount ( summary of an art works including characters and plot).
4. Evaluative summation: the last opinion consisting the appraisal or the punch line of the art works being criticized.
Language features:
ü Focus on specific participants
ü Use of adjectives
ü Use of long and complex clauses
ü Use of metaphor
Reviews are used to summarize, analyze and respond to art works. They may include: movie, TV shows, books, plays, concerts, etc.


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tolong buat kan expression tentang menyampaikan rasa terkejut dan menyatakan rasa tak percaya

Via: oh my God, where’s my cake? I haven’t eaten it.
Dewi: I don’t know.
Via: I donot believe you.It must have been you who ate my cake.
Dewi: Are you accusing me?
Via: So, what’s the chocolate dot on your face over there?
Dewi: All right, I admit that I was very hungry. Will you forgive me?

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bisa berikan contoh teks analytical dan buatkn soal darii text tersebut?
tolong cepat sebab besok mau di kumpul


Most people assume that life in the rat race is bad for your health. But reversing the traditional gender roles, being a house husband is a stressful business, according to the latest research by American scientist. By giving up their jobs in order to become house husbands, men increase their risk of heart attack or coronary disease by as much as 82%, according to research based on 10 year study of 2,500 people in Boston, USA.
Accoding to Dr. Elaine Eaker, the key to the problem is that some men became stressed about performing a role not traditionally assigm to them by society. Men who stays at home tend not to have the same levels of support from friends and family as women do the same.
Jack O’Sullivan, of the Father’s Direct, was quoted as saying: “Society expects the main career should be a woman and society is structured around that. Day care is called mother and toddler groups and some men feel awkward about belonging to those groups.
Professor Gary Cooper, a psychologist at the University of Manchester, said many men tend to underestimate the task of caring for a family. He said “Most men think being a house husband involves putting on a bit of washing, taking the kids to school and then putting their feet up with a cup of coffee.
They are crazy. Most men are not used to performing a variety of activities simultanously – the kind of multi-tasking which is second nature to most women.
It is estimated that men have taken over the main homemaker’s role in one in seven homes, as increasing numbers of women become the main breadwinner. The study also found that women in high-powered jobs were more likely to develop heart disease than those in more junior positions.

1. The main idea of the first paragraph is…
a. People living in the rat race tend to have heart attacks.
b. The research on house-husbands health involved 2,500 people.
c. Scientists did some research on the people’s health living in Boston.
d. House-husbands have understandable reasons why they gave up their jobs.
e. The result of the research showed that house-husbands tend to have heart attacks.

2. “some men became stressed about performing a role not traditionally assigm to them by society.” (paragraph 2)
The statement above is the result of research done by…
a. A psychologist
b. Jack O’Sullivan
c. Dr Elaine Eaker
d. An American scientist

3. Professor Gary Cooper the purpose of the text is…
a. To describe what a house husband is.
b. To persuade readers not to become a house husband.
c. To report the result of a research carried on by Dr Elaine Eaker.
d. To explain to readers why house husbands are subjects to heart attack.
e. To inform readers that 82% of house husbands suffer from heart attack.

4. Some house husbands become stressed because…
a. They are jobless
b. They earn less than their wives.
c. Most people do not respect them.
d. They do not join the daycare groups.
e. They are not used to doing house keeping.


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pak/bu, boleh minta 5 contoh soal objektif tentang expression of unbelief yang sesuai SKL ?

kalau bisa setiap soal yang ada dialoguennya.

makasih pak/ibu.

silakan pelajari ini


Text 1

A : Mr. Agus didn’t teach us this morning.

B : What a surprise. He is never absent before.

Answer the questions below.

1. Who was the teacher?

2. Where did the conversation take place?

3. What is the relationship between the two speakers?

4. Underline the words expressing surprise.

Text 2

A : Dad, my friends and I plan to climb Mount Lawu next week.

B : You are kidding! This is hard rainy season. It will be dangerous up there.

Answer the questions below.

1. Who will go to the mountain?

2. Where did the conversation take place?

3. What is the relationship between the two speakers?

4. Underline the words expressing surprise.

Text 3

Dina : Good heavens! Look at this. It says a pilot was nearly sucked out of the window of his plane. It was in mid air.

Sandi : Really? He wasn’t killed, was he?

Dina : No, it says he was hanging out of the window while the plane was 23,000 feet in the air.

Sandi : I don’t understand. The windows didn’t break, did it?

Dina : Yes it did. Actually.

Answer the questions below.

1. Who are involved in the dialogue above?

2. Who are they?

3. What are Dina and Sandi talking about?

4. How was the pilot condition?

5. How was the plane condition?



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kepada dewan guru sekalian,,
tlng donk berikan contoh soal tentang analyrtical tapi ad textnya y,,

silakan anda klik www.najmimaulana.wordpress.com

selamat belajar

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