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Media : Website
Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas : 12
Penanya : ndaru
Pertanyaan :

mohon di jawab

apa perbedaan explanation text dan procedure text ?

Penjawab : Tri Raharjo, S.Pd dan
Jawaban :


text ini menjelaskan tata cara / urut urutan membuat / menggunakan sesuatu 

Social function: To help us do a task or make something. They can be a set of instructions or directions.
Text organization:
1. Goals ( the final purpose of doing the instruction)
2. Materials ( ingredients, utensils, equipment to do the instructions)
3. Steps ( a set of instruction to achieve the final purpose)
Language features :
ü Use of imperative ( Cut…….., Don’t mix……..)
ü Use of action verbs (turn, put)
ü Use of connectives(first, then, finally)


adalah menjelaskan suatu kejadian contoh: sunami
Social function: To explain the process involved in the formation or working of natural or socio cultural phenomena.
Generic structure:
1. A general statement to position the reader
2. A sequenced explanation of why or how something occurs.
3. Closing
Language features:
ü Focus on generic, non-human participants.
ü Use mainly of general and abstract nouns, action verbs, simple present tense, passive voice, conjunction of time and cause, noun phrases, complex sentences, and technical language.


Media : Website
Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas : 12
Penanya : bayu
Pertanyaan : ass. . .sblm ny trima ksih ats jwbn dri prtanyaan2 sblum ny. Dan' tlong bt kan saya ''explenation text'' ttng how volcunic eruption text'' dgn klmat sdrhana dn mudh diphami, di tnggu jwb ny sgra. Terimakasih
Penjawab : Tri Raharjo, S.Pd dan
Jawaban :

silakan pelajari ini


A tsunami is a series of waves generated when water in a lake or in the sea is rapidly displaced on a massive scale. Earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions and large meteorite impacts all have the potential to generate a tsunami. The effects of a tsunami can range from unnoticeable to devastating.
The term of tsunami comes from the Japanese language meaning harbour (tsu) and wave (nami). Although in Japanese tsunami is used for both singular and plural, in English “tsunamis” is well-established as the plural. The term was created by fisherman who returned to port to find the area surrounding the harbour devastated, although they had not been aware of any wave in the open water. A tsunami is not a sub-surface event in the deep ocean; it simply has a much smaller amplitude (wave heights) offshore, a very long wavelength (often hundreds kilometers long), which is why they generally pass unnoticed at sea, forming only a passing “hump” in the ocean.
Tsunamis have been historically referred to as “tidal waves” because as they approach land they take on the characteristics of a violent onrushing tide rather than the sort of cresting waves that are formed by wind action upon the ocean (with which people are more familiar). However, since they are not related to tides, the term is considered misleading and its usage is discouraged by oceanographers.


Media : Website
Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas : 12
Penanya : steven
Pertanyaan :

explanation text tentang ruminansia


Penjawab : Wirastuti S.Pd M.Acc dan
Jawaban :

Steven, I send an explanation text about Roman road as the following:


How Roman Roads were Built

The system of roads for mobility has been begun early decades. It was started since the Roman Empire conquered the world. The roads in Roman era were known as the best construction.

The Romans built roads are for the purpose of mobility, especially for the army. Having the best road, the army could march from one place to another. They built the roads as straight as possible, so that the army could take the shortest route.

It is interesting to know how the roads were built, which some of them are still in use today. First, the Romans builders would clear the ground of rocks and trees. Then they dug a trench where the road was to go and filled it with big stones. Next, they put in big stones, pebbles, cement and sand which they packed down to make a firm base. After that, they added another layer of cement mixed with broken tiles. On top of that rough construction, then they put paving stones to make the flat surface. These stones were cut so that they fitted together tightly. As the finishing touch, kerb stones were put at each sides of the road to hold in the paving stones. It was also used to make a channel for the water to run away.


Media : Website
Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas : 12
Penanya : dony
Pertanyaan : tolong buatkan teks percakapan expressions pleading untuk 2 orang, masing-masing 6 kali bicara ..
Penjawab : Tri Raharjo, S.Pd dan
Jawaban :

anda bisa menggunakan kaimat kalimat sbb:

That's not my fault

This must be your fault

I am not gulty

 A: Hi man is it your car?

B : ya What's up?

A:  This car hit my dog 10 minutes ago, it must be your fault

B : That's imposible, you must be wrong.

A : No Iam sure this is the car. look at the blood on the front lamp.

B : Ok.I admit that I hit the dog but that't not my fault. Your dog immediately ran infront my car. I can not avoid that. 

A: Ok I forgive you


Media : Website
Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas : 12
Penanya : alistya
Pertanyaan :


tolng kasih contoh text persuasion


Penjawab : Wirastuti S.Pd M.Acc dan
Jawaban :

Alistya, I send you an exposition text as the following:

Students’ cheating

Students’ cheating is one of the biggest problems faced by teachers nowadays.
Despite the fact that teachers advise their students not to do dishonest acts during tests, some students still do cheating. There are many kinds of cheating that students do during the test or examination, such as looking other students’ work, put some notes under their clothes, write notes or formulas on their desks make hand signals or go to rest rooms to get the answers from their friends.
In my view, students who do cheating are committing a crime. It is a sort of taking something illegally. This crime causes negative results to the students. Students who always cheat deteriorate their mental capacity. Cheating acts also create dependence. They weaken their self confidence. Instead of preparing for the coming test, they are busy to organize notes on a piece of paper. If this awful habit continues, the students will lose their opportunity to develop their intellectual and mind.
Therefore, school should consider cheating as a very serious problem. School board and administration should go hand to overcome this matter. Honesty must be put in school’s vision. Harsh punishment must be applied to students who commit this crime.


Media : Website
Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas : 12
Penanya : melani syaifitri
Pertanyaan :

pak tolong buatkan teks explanation yang bertema respirasi pada manusia

terimahkasih :)

Penjawab : Tri Raharjo, S.Pd dan
Jawaban :

When fossil fuels, or other fuels, such as wood or peat, which contain carbon are burned, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Vehicles also give out, and so add, carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.
The Earth’s atmosphere allows most of the Sun’s rays to pass through it to heat the Earth’s surface. The Earth reflects much of the heat energy back into the atmosphere, but much of this reflected radiation cannot escape because gases such as carbon dioxide absorb it. They grow warm and send heat radiation back to Earth. This is the greenhouse effect. Many scientists think that the greenhouse effect may change the climate, over the next 100 years or so. One consequence of soalled “global warming” resulting from the greenhouse effect could be melting of the polar ice – caps. This in turn, could lead to a rise in sea level which could flood large areas of highly populated coastal land.
If carbon dioxide proves to be as harmful as thought. In order to reduce carbon dioxide levels we need to reduce the amounts of carbon-rich fuels burned.

selamat belajar

Media : Website
Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas : 12
Penanya : melany putry
Pertanyaan :

kak tolong bantu buatin contoh teks explanation yang bertema respirasi pada manusia donk

singkat aja ya ,,,,

makasih :)

Penjawab : Tri Raharjo, S.Pd dan
Jawaban :


The stomach is the first stop in the process of food digestion. The inner walls of the stomach, also called stomach lining, are bathed in about a gallon of stomach acid and digestive enzymes.
Gastritis happens when the stomach lining is irritated, inflamed or inflected. Usually, a person with gastritis will feel some cramps and pains in the middle or left upper belly, just under the ribs. Other symptoms include nausea and vomiting, bloating and belching. A wound in the stomach is called a gastric ulcer and it caused more pain than ordinary gastritis. Blood may appear in vomit or stool. This loss of blood may cause anemia, which, will make the person feel weak, tired and dizzy. When there is an inflection, there usually is a fever.
It used to be thought that the causes of gastritis are spicy food, alcohol and lifestyle related factors like stress, along with long term some painkillers and anti inflammation drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen. But in the early eighties, a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori was found to be responsible for most cases of gastritis and gastric ulcer. These bacteria are not killed by stomach acid because they live within the gel like mucus membrane that protects the stomach from its own acid. They have also developed a clever mechanism to neutralize the acid that come in contact with, and release a by product of gases. These bacteria enter the body via contaminated food and water, but still can be eliminated with the right antibiotics.

Media : Website
Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas : 12
Penanya : bayu
Pertanyaan : maaf . . . Tolong bisa gak jelaskan ttng passsive voice atau kalimat passive dan penggunaanya pda simple present tense. Dan' brkan 5 cnth nya dgn mnggunkn simple present tense. Soal ny aku btuh pnjelasan tuh besok tgas y hrus dikumpulin.
Penjawab : Tri Raharjo, S.Pd dan
Jawaban :

Construction of the Passive Voice

The structure of the passive voice is very simple:

subject + auxiliary verb (be) + main verb (past participle)

The main verb is always in its past participle form.

Look at these examples in present tense:


auxiliary verb (to be)


main verb (past participle)






by everyone.

100 people




by this company.





in euro.





in dollars.







Media : Website
Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas : 12
Penanya : Elsa
Pertanyaan : assalamualaikum. kira-kira topik apa saja yg bisa dijadikan explanation text? dan topik tersebut mudah untuk di presentasikan di depan kelas? mohon bantuannya. terima kasih. wassalam.
Penjawab : Tri Raharjo, S.Pd dan
Jawaban :

 Wa'alaikumsalam wr.wb

Topic nya recycling, atau green house. 

Media : Website
Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas : 12
Penanya : faryanda
Pertanyaan : tolong bantuan na..tolong buatkan kalimat tentang ekonomi yg ada kalimat adverb of frequently dan pure adverb .. terima kasih
Penjawab : Tri Raharjo, S.Pd dan
Jawaban :

Adverb of Frequency

Adverb of frequency is commonly used in modifying or to emphasize the structure of a tense. It usually places before a verb.


For examples:


I usually go to school by bike.

Sometimes he gets bored of mathematics.

They always come late.

He often listens to the songs at night.


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