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tolong buatkan contoh kalimat causative...


Have + object + verb 3 (past participle) - have something done
Have + object + infinitive -- have someone do something


1.        We use causative when arranging for someone to do something for us.

o    They had their car repaired. (They arranged for someone to repair it)
Compare: They repaired their car. (They did it themselves)

o    I had my hair cut yesterday. (I went to the hairdresser)
Compare: I cut my hair yesterday. (I cut it myself)

2.        We use causative when someone does something to us.

o    Bill had his money stolen.

3.        We can use have someone do something to talk about giving instructions or orders (more common in American English).

o    I had my assistant type the report.

o    I'll have my lawyer look into it.

Additional points

1.        Get is possible instead of have, usually in informal spoken English.

o    I'm going to get my car fixed tomorrow.

Description: quote  I ask students to imagine they were rich and could have all sorts of things done for them, annoying everyday chores that nobody likes doing plus some luxury pampering that money allows for.

I give a few examples of my own:

I'd have my nails done once a week.
I'd have my garden weeded and my lawn mowed.
I'd have my bedroom redecorated in beautiful oriental sumptuous colours and fabrics.
I'd have the evening meal cooked by a professional cook.
I'd have my shopping done and the house cleaned from top to bottom every two days.


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03-10-2012 rani
17-02-2013 Tri Raharjo, S.Pd

tolong bantu saya buatin dialog 2 orang perempuan yang berisi tentang hope/expectation, dan agree disagree  minimal 10 kalimat.. makasih

Read the dialogue and answer the questions.
Son: Daddy, what time did Uncle Jono leave for Bali this morning?
Father: At 10 a.m, dear.
Son: Why is he going there?
Father: He plans to attend a conference.
Son: What is he doing now?
Father: Well, it is 9 p.m. now. I’m not sure. He could be reading a magazine or a newspaper. He could be watching TV in his room. He might be preparing something for a meeting. But I’m sure that Uncle Jono must be in his room now because he is not accustomed to going out late at night.
Son: What about tomorrow Daddy?
Father: He’ll probably see his colleagues or perhaps he’ll have a meeting.

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28-09-2012 dyaricha
17-02-2013 Tri Raharjo, S.Pd

Tolong berikan materi tentang Expressing Complaint dan Expressing Preference , berikan contoh soalnya juga , Terimakasih sebelumnya :D

Study the following dialogue and answer the questions.
Teacher: Could you read the text in front of the class, please.
Tia: Yes, sir.
(Walking to the front of the class, then reading a text)
Firman: Can you hear that?
Sahrul: Hear what?
Firman: Her voice. I can’t hear her voice.
Sahrul: Neither can I. But…
Teacher: Both of you! What are you discussing?
Firman: It’s about Tia, sir. Her voice is too quiet. We can’t hear her.
Teacher: You should have asked her to read louder rather than to talk to yourselves each other.
Firman&Sahrul: We are sorry, sir.

1. How many persons are there in the dialogue?
2. Who are they?
3. What are they doing?
4. What is Tia doing?
5. What are Firman and Sahrul talking about?
6. Are they complaining?
7. What do they say?
8. Mention other expressions of complaining or criticizing!


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17-09-2012 Muh Kautsar
17-02-2013 Tri Raharjo, S.Pd

bisa tolong kasih contoh mengenai explanation social fenomena? thanks before

When fossil fuels, or other fuels, such as wood or peat, which contain carbon are burned, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Vehicles also give out, and so add, carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.
The Earth’s atmosphere allows most of the Sun’s rays to pass through it to heat the Earth’s surface. The Earth reflects much of the heat energy back into the atmosphere, but much of this reflected radiation cannot escape because gases such as carbon dioxide absorb it. They grow warm and send heat radiation back to Earth. This is the greenhouse effect. Many scientists think that the greenhouse effect may change the climate, over the next 100 years or so. One consequence of soalled “global warming” resulting from the greenhouse effect could be melting of the polar ice – caps. This in turn, could lead to a rise in sea level which could flood large areas of highly populated coastal land.
If carbon dioxide proves to be as harmful as thought. In order to reduce carbon dioxide levels we need to reduce the amounts of carbon-rich fuels burned.

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31-08-2012 Ghina
17-02-2013 Tri Raharjo, S.Pd

maaf mau tanya,, apa ada juga grammar atau tenses yang dipakai dalam expression apologizing ? bisa dijelaskan ?

terima kasih.. 

Expressing apologize adalah ungkapan yang dikatakan seseorang ketika ia melakukan suatu kesalahan pada orang lain, sehingga ia diharuskan untuk meminta maaf 

Dalam expressing apologize terdapat beberapa ungkapan;

-          I beg your pardon

-          I regret it very much

-          I am terribly sorry

-          Sorry about it

-          Forgive me sir

-          I am awfully sorry

-          Oh, sorry. Miss

-          Please don’t angry with me

-          Oops, I didn’t mean to

-          I am sorry

 nah yang diatas merupakan expressing apologize atau ungkapan permintaan maaf, lalu bagaimana dengan respon atau apa yang harus kita jawab jika seseorang meminta maaf pada kita.

respond yang digunakan antara lain sbb :


-          It doesn’t matter

-          That’s all right

-          Don’t worry

-          That’s quite all right

-          Its, okey

-          Never mind

-          Forget it

-          I understand completely

-          You don’t have to worry

-          No problem 


contohnya seperti apa?

lihat dialog dibawah ini




A          :           I am sorry I am late

B          :           its okey, please sit down


tina       :            im sorry mam im forget to bring a dictionary

teacher  :            never mind, dont do it again and every my class you must bring it, dont forget

dalam percakapan langsung semua pakai present tense


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27-08-2012 rahma
17-02-2013 Tri Raharjo, S.Pd

tolong donk sebutin jenis-jenis expression,contoh soalnya dan jawabannya :) buat tugas nihh

Read the dialogue expressing encouragement.

Mira: Hi, Lydia, what are you doing?
Lidya: I’m reading “Ketika Cinta Bertasbih” what a wonderful story!
Mira: Didn’t you read “Ayat-ayat Cinta” before?
Lidya: I love these stories. They are written by a marvelous writer.
Mira: I will fall asleep if I read those kinds of novels. I hate reading. Also, those books are too heavy for me to read.
Lidya: Come on, Mira…. You need to read. Maybe you should start reading novels with lighter subjects and language.
Mira: Is there any?
Lidya: Yes, of course. Why don’t you start reading some chicklit or teenlit? Theya re very popular right now. Try to read “Dealova” for a start.
Mira: Oh, yeah. That’s true. I want to read their novels.
Lidya: See, how you get interested in reading. Why don’t you just read about a subject that you like first?
Mira: Ha..ha..ha… all right. I will read some teenlit or chicklit for a start.

Do the exercise.
What do you think the following people are going to do?
1. What book is Lidya reading?
2. What kind of stories does Lidya like most?
3. Does Mira like book-reading?
4. What do the words “Come on Mira, you need to read” imply?
5. What do you know about chicklit and teenlit?
6. Have you ever read a chicklit or teenlit novel? If so, what is it?
7. Do you think Mira is aroused by Lidya’s encouragement? Why?
8. Can you mention some expressions of encouragement? What are they?


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17-02-2013 Tri Raharjo, S.Pd

Students’ cheating is one of the biggest problems faced by teachers nowadays.
Despite the fact that teachers advise their students not to do dishonest acts during tests, some students still do cheating. There are many kinds of cheating that students do during the test or examination, such as looking other students’ work, put some notes under their clothes, write notes or formulas on their desks make hand signals or go to rest rooms to get the answers from their friends.
In my view, students who do cheating are committing a crime. It is a sort of taking something illegally. This crime causes negative results to the students. Students who always cheat deteriorate their mental capacity. Cheating acts also create dependence. They weaken their self confidence. Instead of preparing for the coming test, they are busy to organize notes on a piece of paper. If this awful habit continues, the students will lose their opportunity to develop their intellectual and mind.
Therefore, school should consider cheating as a very serious problem. School board and administration should go hand to overcome this matter. Honesty must be put in school’s vision. Harsh punishment must be applied to students who commit this crime.

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30-07-2012 risca
17-02-2013 Tri Raharjo, S.Pd

assalamualaikum wr . wb


buat bapak / ibu guru saya mohon di bantu membuat contoh dialog expression blaming,accusing,admitting mistake dan making promise.

mohon di jawaban secepatnya ,,

di sampaikan terima kasih atas perhatiannya


silakan klik www.najmimaulana.wordpress.com

pilih materi kelas XI atau XII

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25-07-2012 gatra satya
14-02-2013 Tri Raharjo, S.Pd

Computers should be placed far away from an area with strong magnetic field

Just like other electric devices, a computer is very vulnerable against some materials such as water. It is also important to keep it from area with strong magnetic field. By avoiding your computer from some of these factors, you can make you computer have longer lifespan.

A computer is an electronic device. This device is pretty vulnerable against strong attractive field. If it is placed in an area with strong magnetic field. it will damage your computer. Strong magnetic field is quite harmful to every electronic device; the same thing goes with your computer.

Due to this reason, using magnetic tool when fixing a computer is strictly prohibited. By following this rule, your computer can last long, and it can be used for long period of time. Knowing about this fact, every computer technician prefers to use non magnetic tool when fixing a computer.


From the text we can learn that the writer wants us

a. to avoid placing our computer near the strong magnetic field

b. to believe that our computer is similar to other electronic devices

c. to use magnetic tool when fixing our damaged computer

d. to follow the rules of how to make our computer last long

e. to know that our computer is vulnerable against water.

Yg benar A / D ? Mohon penjelasannya. Terima kasih 

Sela, menurut saya yang benar A karena sesuai dengan judul dan dijelaskan dalam kalimat dengan jelas. Yang D juga benar tetapi tidak jelas (rules yang mana belum jelas), kalau kalimatnya 'avoiding placing our computer near the strong magnetic field makes our computer last long' ...baru tepat.

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11-01-2013 Sela
09-02-2013 Wirastuti S.Pd M.Acc