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tolong apa sih compliment tu? and contoh perckapannya kaya apa? 

Terima kasih atas pertanyaannya.


Expressing Admiration/Compliment.


Andre   : Something different with you,  Jane.

Jane     : Do you mean my hair, right? Of course. I had a haircut yesterday.

              What do you think?

Andre   : Wow, how stylish your hair is! Even you look younger.

Jane     : Thank you. You know what? I tried the newest barber shop near my house.

               And it’s only Rp 10.000,00 for the first week opening.

Andre   :  What a cheap tariff!  I must go there soon.

Jane     :  Better you go there after 7 pm.

Andre   :  But why?

Jane     :  In order not to have a long queue. Yesterday I found more than 15 people

               waiting there for.

Andre   :  Really? Unbelievable!

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15-08-2011 Dra. Endang Triningsih

bagai mana cara/ langkah untuk jawaban :

1. 2 per akar 5

2. 3 per akar 2 per akar 5

3. 3 per akar 3 per akar 6

terima kasih

Raka, pengetikan untuk bentuk pecahan mempengaruhi hasil perhitungan. Silahkan cermati jawaban dari kami. Kalau masih belum jelas, silahkan kirim pertanyaan lagi ya ... Selamat belajar!

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Pak,,,, tLg buaTkan saYa pidaTO bahasa inggris tentang kegunaan internet.....

 tRima Kasih sebeLumnya............

silakan adi cari di arsip jawaban dan ketik seech kemudian klik cari.

selamat belajar

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aku minta tolong dong, kasih tau perbedaan report, narrative dan analytical exposition dong. makasih sebelumnyaaa :)

silakan adik klik www.najmimaulana.wordpress.com

kemudian klik genre. semua ada di sana. selamat belajar

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tolong kasih teks narrative dong, tapi dari luar negeri loh, bukan dari indonesia trus di bhsa inggrisin, secepatnya ya! please!!

Electricity is our most convenient form of power. It is cheap to produce, easy to

send from place to place, and clean to use. Electricity was first used on a large scale for

lighting in the 1880s, after Thomas A. Edison had developed a reliable electric light bold.

In 1882 Edison designed and built the world's first large power station in New York.

Electricity is produced, or generated in a power station. An engine drives the

electricity generator Electricity is produced by moving coils of conductive wire through a

magnetic field. Two main kinds of engines are used in power stations to drive the

generators steam turbines and water turbines. In some power station gas turbines are also

sometimes used in power stations to drive the generators steam turbines. In some power

station gas turbines are also sometimes used.

Electric power is sent from a distant power station to our homes. First, it goes to

local sub-stations by way of overhead transmission lines. High steel towers, or pylons

carry the lines. The substations reduce the voltage of the electricity and send it to where it

is needed, either by underground or overhead cables.


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Pak,,bu saya mau minta tolong... Buatkan 10 Pertanyaan berbentuk Essay (uraian) dr text berikut ini... tolong ya bu,, pak terima kasih.


Controlling Children Using Computer

    Computer and internet are useful as well as powerful. Information about health and safe usage of computer and Internet, especially for children, should be owned by each family. Computer connected to internet is powerful way to socialize with others. It can be good but also bad effect. Recently we hear a lot of children get the advantage of social networking sites but we often see the news about the disadvantage of it for children. Healthy and safety of computer and Internet usage should continue to be campaigned.


    The role of parent in assisting and directing children in using computer is very necessary. Installation of software monitor such as key logger which has function to watch and note all activities relating to keyboard usage is helpful but not enough to protect children from potential harms. Children tend to hide what they have done in front of the computer to their parent. They see that all of they have done are their privacy and no one may know.


    We can not prevent children from using computer because it is multifunctional. However, many parents worry about what their kids do in front of the computer; whether they are doing homework or even just playing games. Or spending all time to surf internet which is the materials do not fit with his age. There is a tendency, especially teenagers, want to become acquainted with many strangers outside. The lack parental supervision of children’s activities is likely to pose a potential danger to them. So parental monitor against the use of computers needs to be done from time to time.


Saran saya buatlah Pertanyaan tentang mai idea masing masing paragraph.

Buatlah pertanyaan tentang informasi rinci dari tiap tiap paragraph.dll

Contoh: What is the main idea of paragraph one?

selamat mencoba.

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tolong berikan contoh report text


Ini contohnya:

A laser a device which produces beams of a special kind of light-laser light. A laser

beam looks like a straight almost solid, yet transparent round of intense light. It just light,

but is quite different from ordinary light in several ways.

A laser beam is light of only one colour; ordinary white light is many colours mixed

together. Ordinary light spreads out in all direction; laser beams stay almost parallel. The

light waves in a laser beam are in step with each other and work together to make the beam

concentrated and very bright; ordinary light waves are not in step. In fact laser light is the

brightness, most intense light known even brighter than the sun.

Lasers are used to make all kinds of things from cars to clothing, from microchips to

newspaper. Laser beams carry phone calls and TV. Pictures over long distances and play

video discs. Doctor also use laser for bloodless surgery which is less painful for the patie

and easier for the surgeon. The laser has often proved to be better than traditional methods

in all of the jobs, and many more.


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07-08-2011 komenk
13-08-2011 Tri Raharjo, S.Pd

Apakah ada beda antara urin primer, sekunder dengan urin sebenarnya?

Urine primer adalah filtrat yang keluar dari bagian glomerulus, mengandung zat yang masih diperlukan oleh tubuh. Setelah terjadi penguraian, maka zat tertentu di reabsorbsi (diserap kembali) oleh pembuluh darah kapiler dalam ginjal.

Urine sekunder merupakan sisa urine primer setelah dilakukan reabsorbsi, dikeluarkan dari tubulus menuju rongga ginjal. Setelah mengalami reabsorbsi, urine menjadi lebih pekat. Proses pengubahan menjadi urine lebih pekatdisebut augmentasi.

Urine sebenarnya adalah kumpulan dari urine dari rongga ginjal setelah melewati ureter tertampung dalam kandung kemih. 

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siang,, bisa buatkan saya reported speech..yang menggunkan tenses 
 1.simple present berubah mnjadi simple past ,2. present continous brubah mnjadi
past continous,, 3.simple past berubah mnjadi past perfect, dan4. simple future
berubah mnjadi past future,, tlong buatkan secepatnya yah,,2,2 sja contohnya dngn
klmt yang berbeda krna bsog ada tes dan jwbnnya d krim ke email sya sja..

Ini contoh reported speech. Tapi maaf 1 saja ya, yang lain kembangkan sendiri.

1. Tania asks : ' Where do you buy this book?

    Tania asked me where I bought this book.

2.  My teacher asked: " What are you doing here?"

     My teaccher asked me what I was doing there.

3.  Mother said: " our granpa went to Bandung last week"

    Mother said that our grandpa had gone to Bandung the week before.

4. Miss Rini said : " I will spend this weekend with my family neek week."

    Miss Rini said that she would spend the weekend with her family the following week.

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